Yoga (APY, Restorative, PiYo)

The Fitness Studio of Orlando offers American Power Yoga (APY) as an all-level power yoga class for its members.  APY uses over one hundred different yoga poses to challenge, strengthen and open your entire body.  APY is delivered in English and is so-named because it is designed to address the challenges many Americans face – stress, busy schedules and sedentary jobs.

Unlike some yoga classes in which you do the same routine every time, every APY class is different so that you get the maximum physical benefit  – and you won’t get bored.  This is an open level class, which means all poses can be modified or intensified, so YOU set the intensity. This makes APY great for the beginner and intense for the seasoned practitioner or athlete.

In APY, all the physical poses represent the challenges we face throughout our day and in addition to getting us in great shape, they remind us that we can learn from our challenges; they are here to serve us, to make us stronger, more accepting and in the end, happier.

Restorative Yoga , relaxation that benefits the body, mind and organ systems with measurable results. It also improves digestion, reduces muscle tension and insomnia. It’s a great experience!

PiYo Strength (Pilates/Yoga) combines the two popular and affective workouts. The class is great to add cardio to your workout. PiYo is designed to BURN CALORIES, TONE MUSCLES & works on Balance & Strength.

All classes are 60 minutes and are held in a warm room of 80-85 degrees. Don’t worry about the heat! It’s safer and easier to stretch out your muscles when they are warm, but you are encouraged to take breaks on your mat. You will burn calories, build flexibility, gain strength, release tension, and cultivate focus – oh, and you’ll have fun!